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Have you ever asked yourself what is a birthmark?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘what is a birthmark?’ Many of us in the population have something that can be thought of as a birthmark. Whether it is clinically a birthmark or what is popularly believed to be one, they are not uncommon.

30% – 50% of the population have some form of a birthmark. There are different types of birthmarks. Vascular and pigmented are the two primary types. Vascular birthmarks occur when blood vessels do not form normally either under the skin or in the skin while pigmented birthmarks a collection of brown or tan pigments darker than the rest of the skin.

Typically, birthmarks are not a health concern however if you believe yours or your child’s birthmark are uncommon it is advisable to contact your family physician. Birthmark removal is known to be very successful. Treatments for the removal of birthmarks range from laser removal to high precision techniques that do not require the use of needles, scalpels or lasers.

When there is not a health concern related to a birthmark we may decide that it is important to us to have it removed. Removal birthmarks can have a positive increase in our emotional well-being and confidence due to a noticeable change in our appearance and with little to no pain.
If you have a birthmark that you would like to have removed, contact HP Dermatology for a consultation