Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is CoronaShield ?
A: CoronaShield is a homoeopathic medicine that provides protection against a range of infections. It strengthens vital energy, detoxifies organism, and boosts immunity to prevent contracting a wide range of viruses including the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).
Q: Is the CoronaShield a cure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?
A: It’s too early to claim that CoronaShield is an absolute cure for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). However, it acts as the first line of defence of your immune system against a wide range of viruses.

Q: Didn’t they find a cure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?

A: If so, why are we still in close down? Also the malaria medicine is only given to patients who are extremely ill with the corona, but before they get to that stage there is a long way! The CoronaShield aims to help to relieve the symptoms before they reach the 8th day with acute respiratory distress. If a person is already extremely ill, the CoronaShield will still help to relieve the symptoms.
Q: What is the uses of CoronaShield ?
A: CoronaShield is a Homeopathic Medicine which provides protection against a range of infections. CoronaShield lessens predisposition, strengthens vital energy and detoxifies organism to protect you against Coronavirus and other flu-related symptoms.
Q: I already had the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Do I still need the CoronaShield?
A: Yes, CoronaShield is ideal for improving immunity and can be taken anytime to avoid recurrence of infections.
Q: I came in contact with Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients and nothing had happened to me. Do I still need the CoronaShield?
A: Yes. Covid-19 symptoms occur within 2 to 14 days and may put your loved ones at a risk of contracting the virus from you if you are not careful.
Q: How long should I take CoronaShield ?
A: It should be taken as long as the improvement sets in or as prescribed by the practitioner.
Q: How long does one bottle of the CoronaShield last ?
A: Due to the UK pharmacy limited production, we can only offer the CoronaShield in 15ml bottle. For adults, using once a day, the bottle may last a month. For children, using once a day, the bottle may last a few months.
Q: Why should I buy a bottle of the CoronaShield homeopathic medicine ?
A: First of all you can buy one bottle and share it. Second, we cannot act as a hero on the expense of our loved ones. At the moment there is on alternative medicine known. It is a time when one need to ask himself: “The money or my life?”. The answer is very simple your life! Choose life.
Q: What are the side effects of CoronaShield ?
A: No side effects of using CoronaShield.
Q: What precautions should I take while taking CoronaSheild ?
A: There are not much precautions required while taking CoronaSheild, but it is better to take the medicine on empty stomach with some water.
Q: Is CoronaShield suitable for children and breastfeeding women ?
A: Yes
Q: Is it safe to take CoronaShield during pregnancy ?
A: Yes

Why choose Professor Robert Feigin’s methods?

The answer should be divided into three main reason: Methods of treatment, Length of Experience and Results.

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