Top 4 Warts Treatment Methods Used By Dermatologists

Although warts get away on its own, or through simple home treatment; it may require treatment by an expert when the situation becomes worse. For instance, if the warts-affected area happens to be a sensitive body part such as your face, nostril or genitals, you cannot treat it at home and neither should you try doing so. In such a scenario, you should immediately consult a dermatologist and get professional treatment for warts. Professional warts treatment by dermatologists becomes necessary when a person is diabetic or warts become painful. Similarly, if you notice any bleeding or puss releasing from warts, you should immediately stop treating it at home and consult a dermatologist for further warts treatment. Also, if you see no improvements in warts treatment at home, you might have to consult a dermatologist for an effective warts treatment that ensures warts removal from your skin completely.

Warts treatment (before)
Warts treatment (after)

The techniques used by dermatologists might differ from person to person, here are some common ones used by dermatologists for warts treatment.

Laser Technique

As we all know, the laser is a very intense beam of light that heats the area on which it falls. Doctors and dermatologists use the laser technique to heat warts with the help of laser beams enough to vaporize the tissues affected by warts. Therefore, this an ideal warts treatment method for a person affected by warts. But since this technique is quite expensive, it is not a common choice amongst people.


Excision or surgical removal is a great way to get rid of warts but is mainly used when other methods cannot be used or have no effect on warts. To remove warts by excision, a dermatologist first numbs the area surrounding the wart with the help of local anaesthesia and then cuts warts. This method might leave a scar on the affected area which is healed over a period by using scar removal creams and lotions your dermatologist might recommend.


Cryosurgery is becoming an ideal choice for treatment of all skin conditions, and warts are no different. In cryosurgery technique, a dermatologist applies concentrated cold air (mostly liquid nitrogen) to the wart-affected skin area, which in turn explodes the affected tissues. Once this method destroys the affected tissues, the virus comes directly in contact with the immune system which can destroy it completely and get the area rid of warts.



In this method using curette, a dermatologist first numbs the affected area with a local anaesthesia and then heats up the warts tissues. To do this, a dermatologist uses an electric needle which supplies the heat to the affected tissues. Once the affected tissues die due to the heat, it is scraped away from the skin surface using curette. This method may also leave a scar on the surface which can heal over time.

As we have seen, dermatologists can provide risk-free and simple warts treatment through some techniques. This is why consulting a dermatologist is always preferred to treating it at home, where the condition can become worse if it is not done properly. To get personalised advice about your skin condition, please do get in touch with one of our HP Dermatologist Centre specialists today – we’re just a call away!