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Warts Treatment Tips Everyone Should Follow

Warts are the second most common skin condition dermatologists hear about on a daily basis. And warts are not new – they have been on our planet for thousands of years. Warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) which first enters the skin and then spreads to other body parts and multiplies rapidly. Most of the times, warts is contagious and hence, you should avoid direct contact with a person affected by warts. However, not everyone is affected by warts virus.

Home warts treatment methods can be helpful in treating mild cases

Warts can be perfectly treated at home and in fact, warts usually go away on its own as your immune system slowly destroys it. But warts treatment becomes a necessity when it affects your face or another sensitive part of your body like genitals, mouth or nose. Similarly, if you notice any bleeding or puss flowing in and around warts, you should immediately get in touch with a dermatologist to get it treated. Diabetics or people having a weaker immune system should also not wait for warts to heal itself and consult a dermatologist immediately. Warts are usually painless, so if you feel pain in warts, you should see a dermatologist near you and get professional warts treatment.

However, there are some home warts treatment methods that can treat this skin condition; especially if it is mild, you do not see any of the signs mentioned above, such as bleeding or pain.

Freezing treatment

You can kill warts by using products that spray concentrated cold air. You can spray it on the affected area and kill warts and scrape it off the skin surface. This warts treatment method is an ideal choice if you need quick results for warts removal. The only drawback is that it may not work for some types of warts.

Duct Tape

Covering the wart-affected skin area with duct tape and changing it after a few days can peel off the wart-affected skin. To follow this warts treatment method, you can first clean the wart affected area with warm water and then sand the area with an emery board. After some time, you can apply the duct tape on the area and keep changing the tapes once every five or six days for best results.

Salicylic acid treatment

This is one of the most effective over-the-counter medications that help in warts treatment. You can apply one of the products having salicylic acid after washing the wart with warm water. Once you apply salicylic acid on the wart-affected area, it irritates the wart and hence, triggers your immune system into action. After a period, this method will ensure that all warts are completely removed from your skin.

However, with all of these methods given above, you should always take care that you apply the medication only on the affected area and not to other parts of the skin. Another very important thing to remember is that you should not remove or treat warts on your feet if you are a diabetic. That may cause a lot of trouble so you should get proper warts treatment by a dermatologist instead. Similarly, if warts do not respond to these medications, you should get in touch with a dermatologist to get best warts treatment.

And before you move any further, consult our specialists at HP Dermatology Centre to get personalised advice today.